Our purpose is to bring you more peace of mind.

At Cleannest, we're shaping a new era of babycare. By handpicking only the best performing, gentlest and clean(n)est ingredients, we take the highest care of your baby's health and thin, delicate skin. With all our products, we make sure you have everything you need, and leave out anything you don't.

It's not you, it's the nappy.

This journey with your little one is wonderful, life-changing. But sometimes it's exhausting. We hear you (yawning), we feel you. You're not alone: research shows us that parents get 5-6 hours of sleep on average per night in a baby's first year - that means losing out on over 600 hours or 28 days of sleep.


Mindfully designed to be kind.

Our nappies are so soft, it reminds you of cashmere. So cosy, it soothes your little one. So absorbent, it will make nights longer and days easier. Cleannest products have been built from the ground up, meaning we know every single component and make the best choices in terms of safety, performance and comfort.

But we’re not stopping there.

We are oh so fully aware of how much waste the babycare industry creates. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect solution today, but that’s why we’re implementing better materials today - such as fluff pulp from sustainably managed forests in our nappies - and investing in new technologies that will substantially improve how we divert nappies and wipes from landfill.

Our hope is that together we build the most supportive, sustainable and straight-up chill babycare community.

How it all started.

Our story is one of serendipity, of a common nerdy passion for innovation and of our shared motivation to support those we love. We’re surrounded by family and friends, just like you, who are parents and carers. We’ve seen the excitement that comes with the arrival of your first (or second, or third and beyond!) bundle of joy. We’ve also seen those dark circles that creep in and heard those full-body yawns that feature on the soundtrack of the early years of caring for little ones.

We’ve set out to bring you more balance. To give your baby the most comfortable nappy so that they safely sleep through the night so that you can get more of those precious hours of shut-eye. We want to help you unlock greater peace of mind with nappies that fit right day or night, on the go or at home.

We're thrilled you're joining the journey. Stay tuned, exciting things are coming!




What's on your mind?

Whether it's feedback for us (good or not so good) or a smart solution you're using that makes the daily ins and outs of caring easier, we want to hear it!